I finished my first diorama made of paper and every bit of it was fun. I think I will really invest my self in it along with the digital painting (which I’m not giving up on). I used some ordinary sketching paper, cut my shapes, painted them with water colours and enhanced them with colored pencils and felt tip pens. What I really love about dioramas is the way the light changes according to the angle, the time of day and the source of light. It’s very much alive. I also loved not having a precise plan, it was very relaxing adding items as I went along. I’m currently experimenting with this approach within my digital painting, no draft at all. A draft feels sometimes like a prison. Especially when you have to stay within the draft for more than three weeks in a row. In three weeks time, my inspiration tends to change. A lot.The river must flow freely, otherwise it gets blocked. I’m aiming now for something more accidental  more organic , a channeled painting in real time.