Tonight is the longest night of the year and from tomorrow, the sun will turn, slowly, day after day, making its way back to us. In about two weeks, it will shine again upon us (if we’re blessed with a clear sky on that day).  My soulmate is cooking for the Solstice dinner tomorrow and I’m just enjoying a precious green tea flavoured with almonds (along with a marzipan bar for good measure).  This is a very cosy  evening, the last of a long and dark introspective time. Tomorrow is a new dawn, almost like a new year, but the new year for me will start on the 7th of January with the first ray of sunlight. I’m now entering the in-between period, the transition time, a cleansing from all the toxic wastes of the year.

I hope this coming year will be for all of you a year of very positive changes, a step closer to bliss and happiness.


A batch of hand-spun hand-dyed yarns I made for a very special lady’s Yule: