Imagine within you a door to another world. The door is ajar, and through it, moods and impressions drift up to your consciousness. They are sometimes accompanied by images, smells or even sounds. If you choose to go through the door, you will discover a world that reflects the imaginative life of your Soul. It’s a world She composed for herself. An ideal world that abounds in wondrous tales, where all is as it should be. You can accept Her invitation to sit there for a time and simply contemplate. This is a sanctuary for love and intimacy, where your Soul’s blossoming unfurls in shifting scenes, numinous and potent with atmosphere. Now, if you return to the outside world, but keep the door open as wide as possible, you are inhabited by your Soul. And with Soul, you see the Soul of that which surrounds you, for the Soul of the World speaks only to those who have opened the door and let Soul’s light shine forth. To keep this door forever open takes the sovereignty of a king, a loving ruler who decides once and for ever that only the Soulful life should prevail. Save