Soon the end of the Midnight Sun… looking forward to seeing the stars again in one month..

This is an image in a long series about the Goblin world. Goblins love animals, crafts and music. I know my Loki is with them.
I had fun painting the cave, this little Goblin’s home.

I dreamed my Beloved and I lived in a big mansion by a river. The style was very 1920's and there was a big conservatory (like a glass veranda) and many rooms. We decided to open a bed and breakfast but on our own terms. We wanted only a few guests and to keep to a reasonable price so that it wouldn't be for rich people only. Everybody was pushing us to rent all the rooms and make a maximum of money but we didn't care about money. We wanted a few guests only whom we would take great care of. Perhaps we could open in the conservatory a tearoom on Saturdays for the locals but only with a few tables. We didn't want to become slaves to our work either. We were aiming for quality over quantity. Our first customer was a young Chinese woman, perhaps because China and Japan in particular represent for me refinement and it feels like they put a lot of love in the things they hand-craft. There was going to be for sure a waiting list, since we didn't want to expand our capacities but the power we had, we were going use it wisely.

I've been listening again lately to the Juliet Letters, such evocative music and great performance...