The Dog Keeper welcoming our beloved friends.
When my dear Loki died 6 years ago, in the evening, I saw him. He was so happy because he didn’t feel the pain any longer, he was feeling so fine and he looked at me, uncomprehending, he felt my (bottomless) sadness and wondered why I was not rejoicing. A few days later, I dreamed we were bathing together in the sea. I was so glad he came to visit me. The sun was shining and the water was crystal clear. I know he will be here for me one day, by the Goblins Portal. Wagging his tail. Bringing his ball at my feet.



This morning, I was standing in my garden, deep in thoughts when I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned my head slightly... it was a bird resting on my shoulder. I laughed. I didn't expect that, I must say. He flew off and I called after him "Oh, hello, cheeky bird!" and he chatted back to me from a tree but I didn't quite catch what he said. Still, there was laughter in the air, as there often is with birds...

I dreamed we had moved a bit further North on Lofoten. The North is always a magical direction in my dreams, closer to the Otherworld. The new house was a bit like ours at the moment but so much bigger. All this new space to use for my creativity, I was delighted! Although our house is a square, there is something circular about it, a bit like a spiral, the wood stove being at the center of it. And so was also the new house. From the entrance, you could go through a chain of rooms and it would lead you back to the entrance. At the center was a huge living-room, which was a bit like a courtyard with skylights and windows on a second floor. This house was a sanctuary. A temple. But outside was even more wondrous. I was surely going to miss our present view because I'm very attached to the view of this forest filling our windows, but the surroundings in the dream were something very special. The house was straight at the edge of the sea, so close to it that it gave me the feeling the house was actually a ship, and the light was a bit similar to the one in this painting I made many years ago. Behind and on each side loomed imposing dark mountains. I climbed down from the wooden deck of my house (it could also have been a terrace) into the shallow sea. I was very apprehensive about the temperature but the water was actually lukewarm. The sea was teeming with thousands of brightly coloured fish. Beautiful fish. I even picked up one, gently, in my cupped hands and released it lovingly. I walked up to some rocks and right beyond was the savage sea, with its rolling and crashing waves. It was also slightly below because it was low tide. It seemed the shore around the house was a huge natural pool always replenished by the high tide. I imagined myself swimming in the deep vast sea on calm days, but for the moment, I was very grateful for the chance to bathe with the fishes every single day.