When I was a child, I got a wonderful teacher. She was very creative and artistic and certainly had a big influence on me. She wanted me as the queen of the flowers in the school show which was an adaptation of Ida and the flowers by Hans Christian Andersen.

Perhaps this is why John Anster Fitzgerald is my favourite Fairy artist:

I’ve been working a lot on this patisserie, although it is only a detail in the overall painting.

I think this little punk guy doesn’t come only for the cakes. And she knows it.

Work in progress.

Golden Jewel rising higher every day…

I’m glad to see that of all the cushions, quilts and blankets, my girls always prefer my handwoven fabrics. Alpaca, mohair and wool make them warm and soft.

This is all the dreams I had these past few days in the right order. The harvest has been good. Now, the seeds are planted.

I've started reading this huge DK encyclopedia about humans and what defines us, it's very interesting. I've always been fascinated by prehistory and human evolution. Last night, I dreamed I was in Africa. I felt a very strong emotion standing there where it all started. The energy was incredible. I knelled down and gathered a handful of earth and examined it lovingly. It was dark, black and brown and glittery, like some kind of volcanic dust. It was beautiful and mysterious...

Last night, I dreamed I had my atelier at the top of a square tower. There were bay windows all around, like in a control tower. The base of the roof was also square and pyramidal. There was a work bench running all around, against the windows, and it had all my supplies and equipment. The sun was shining on my tables and I was admiring the view of the mountains. It was wonderful!

Last night, I dreamed I was doing stuff all night long, Duolingo, reading and other things and then the morning came and I thought Oh no! I have to go to work and I haven’t slept at all! And then I woke up, ha!ha! I did wonder though… did I sleep? Yes, I did and I fell back to sleep to dream the one magical dream that usually takes place in the early hours right before I actually get up. I dreamed I went to a little concert, a little show for the kids, nothing fancy but I thought I might just do that out of curiosity because I happened to be close by. The hall was simply set up, rows of chairs and a stage with a mezzanine part I did visit before the concert. Up there, there was a yurt (a tent) but the shelves inside were completely empty. I went back down and sat on my chair. The audience waited a while, nothing was happening, except for the gentle sound of a beating drum behind us. And then, suddenly, the drum came closer and it was accompanied by the sound of rhythmic bells. It was eerie and the effect was like an awakening. The two musicians were making their way to the stage where simultaneously other musicians had entered. It had begun. They put a spell on us. I cannot tell you what took place but it was extraordinary. I think there was also theater in an almost Kabuki style. From the very first second, I was entranced. I had never seen anything like that. I remember only the end, on the mezzanine beside the yurt, there was an initiation where five people in shimmering robes were anointed with a dot of light on their third eye. It looked like the audience could also take part in the rite. I got up but there were no cheers around me. People were blase. I decided to walk up to the rite’s place. Some people wanted to reach the place before me and were running to be among the next ones in the rite. The actors were nowhere to be seen, but all the paraphernalia was still there. There were messages and images everywhere. Actual instructions about how to follow the rite but these instructions were given in a beautiful and whimsical way. I looked at the others around me and asked if they could make sense of it, maybe we could decipher them together, but they didn’t acknowledge me. I went into the yurt and lo and behold, all the shelves were filled with all sorts of magical objects, I was delighted, it would take a very long time to explore all of this! What baffled me is that it was all there for the audience but the audience couldn’t see it during the show. I talked to the other people in the audience, saying it’s like in my paintings, when I paint things only I know they’re there! But again, I got no response. I went back down, all the other sets had been removed. I was looking for people to talk to about this amazing concert. But people were far too busy looking cool and blase. Anything I said fell flat and my smiles were not returned. I just couldn’t understand why people imposed on others but also themselves such a distance.
This is nothing new, this is actually my first transcendental experience, I must have been 7 years old, I remember I was with an other girl and I suddenly realised that nearly everybody was surrounded by an impenetrable fortress.
The dream was magical… and bittersweet. The actors/musicians reminded me of my Liminal Orchestra from the diorama I finished a little while ago.