2019 has been a struggle with digital painting and it seems to get worse and worse. I must accept the fact that I am not having any fun any longer. Any fun at all. My Soul craves something else. Something wild, magical and full of suprises. But also, kind of risky. A friend of mine this year is planning on working with paper, cutouts and collage. This is something I tried before and I liked it very much but I always prefered digital painting, it gave me more control. While researching images for my friend, I came accross a few lovely paper cutouts and it kind of rekindled the old flame. I took out my scissors and my old watercolours box and spent two fabulous hours just playing around. And above is the result. My Blue Bird of Happiness is back and I think I’m going back to traditional media for now. I’ve been too unhappy digitally, I need a proper break. Perhaps a long break. Perhaps, I’ll combine both traditional and digital in an experimental way. I will see. For the moment, I feel like creating something really special with my painted paper, scissors and glue. Maybe combine all sorts of things in a diorama, felting and ceramic included and who knows what. I want surprises. Good ones of course!

Meanwhile, it’s been snowing: