Spring is here at last!
The moss photos are from three days ago.

Today, we went to Flakstad island. We were away for three hours since it’s not close by. It was wonderful.

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After having spent my two days off sewing patterns for a top… 6 times, I’m giving up sewing hand woven clothes, unless it’s for a scarf, a very structured dress or a blanket. It doesn’t fall nicely, it’s just too rigid. So I took up knitting. This is the beginning of my first ever knitted scarf, probably an infinity scarf. I’m afraid it’s going to be huge, I’m going to disappear in it and explore other worlds.

The funny thing is that my Beloved loves a series I have yet to watch, Sarah and Duck, and there is a character, the Scarf Lady, who reminds him of me. I can see his point…

I've cut all my long henna hair since the white hair is now long enough

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