The Sublime

I had many wonderful dreams lately. Two of them were BIG dreams as I was flying. The first dream became a poem: I dreamed I was flying over the dark ocean So low above the surface, I could almost touch it The heavy and turbulent water was like a terrifying beast, But even more unnerving were the unfathomable depths, At any moment, this dark infinite world could engulf me, swallow me whole And I would be lost forever. But this is not what happened. In my soul, I surrendered to the wild beast and it was sublime. There was no greater power, and yet, it didn’t crush me. There was nothing to fear. The second dream went like this: I dreamed that I was walking along a winding path surrounded by green valleys and mountains.The sun was rising and everything was bathed in its golden light. I had headphones on and was listening to some music. I started to float above the path and I was also dancing. I didn’t care if anyone saw me, and actually, I was making a mental note to do it more often, to fly and dance at the same time whenever I was in this mood. It was delicious. I wanted to try something special, I thought “let’s see if I can invent a personal Tai chi but in the air”. So I started to make some fluid movements and control the energy. It was like petting a cat, undulating and responding to my touch. I was playing with my own energetic field. While still flying. Suspended in grace.