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Today is a particularly delightful day, the sun is back, my beloved has made an apple frangipane tart and I received my long awaited green tea refills from my favourite UK supplier. It can’t get better than that.

Last night, I dreamed I discovered a door leading to the cellar in my house. When you opened the door, there was a flight of 10 steps or so and a little cosy cave at the bottom. The walls were irregular and lit by glowworms in the thousands. Here and there were niches where cute white ermines lived. They were very friendly. There was a big opening in the cave. From there, you could bathe in a thermal pool surrounded by a lush forest. My own private gate to the Otherworld.
As I was painting a book spine, I realised the book was by an old friend of mine, an old witch I got to know while painting “Celebration” in 2015. But I didn’t know she had written a book, although I’m not surprised. Meet Eleutheria Myosotis, and her book. Sadly not available in our bookshops…