The veil is thinning, little magical things happen all day long for those who pay attention. Also, dreams deepen or I should say: we sink deeper into the dreams. Two days ago, I dreamed I was watching a documentary. Every single image was mindblowing, there was unsurpassed artistry in it, pure genius. I guess it is connected to something I said to my dad, that all these streaming services like Netflix, Hbo, etc, lure people into passivity, I don’t miss watching all these pre-digested shows (I haven’t watched anything this year, since New Year’s eve and the brilliant Don’t look up which sums up everything there is to know about the time we’re living in). Who needs Netflix, when we have customised dreams engineered by an incredible intelligence ?
Last night, I dreamed I was with some guys. They were listening to a new album by Marianne Faithful. She is not my cup of tea, but she represents something akin to raw emotion and there is also her name, faithful. At some point, there was this song playing, so beautiful and melancholic, I started to cry. It was about the magical bond with invisible forces, she was driving a car in a state of intense turmoil when she turned the radio on and there was this song which was like a lighthouse in a storm of confusion, it gave her the answer .The boys commented on the song, saying that she shouldn’t be allowed to write about cars when she hardly knew anything about them. To put it mildly, they had missed the point!


It’s that time of the year again when it’s dark enough in the early hours to light candles before going to work. The lovely illustration behind is by Jane Ray . I realise it’s a bit early in the year to light my Yule gnome ceramic lantern, oh well… The book is also called The twelve days of Christmas, ha!ha!

The new daybed to read, knit and snuggle with the dogs

A dear friend knitted for me this fabulous sweater! I’ve never worn anything warmer, it’s also very soft and thick, it falls so nicely. I am very lucky!