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The Drunken Boat



The title is borrowed from Arthur Rimbaud but the painting’s loosely inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean (amongst many other sources). These musicians are pretty daring but they’re filled with grace, trust and passion and above all they do enjoy a tough ride from time to time, so the Sea is pleased and smiles at them. The Sea takes care of them. Because you have to admit… they’re a bit foolish. But foolish in the Jungian sense of the term. The Fool is the one archetype that fascinates me the most. He restores lost spontaneity, and is the absolute best guide when one’s in the process of losing one’s soul.

Meanwhile the girls are daydreaming. There’s a time for action and another for contemplation.

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I really like the cosy atmosphere of wintertime, when snow’s falling outside and the hour gets late. It’s the perfect time for reading or writing. By the warm glowing light of the lamp, a timeless atmosphere settles, you drift through the gate of dreams, unnoticed, while still wide awake.

Here is another steampunk device which comes without a manual. This one’s inspired by Alex CF’s awesome works.

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The Cauldron



This painting represents for me the overwhelming experience of being in love, the sweet longing and the aching ecstasy. This witch knows exactly how to make a love potion (for herself of course) and how to maintain the right heat.

A track I listened to in a loop while painting this:

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The Garden



This was a bit tricky composition-wise but I really enjoyed doing this. All these details took a huge amount of time. I really like compositions where the eye can travel here and there, leisurely. Everything is provided, a cruise boat, a resting place in the gazebo, birds songs and enough mystery to keep you enchanted.

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