I finally managed to get the hang of the printing process and I am proud to announce that there are now four different paintings available in my Etsy store.


These are high quality prints, it took me countless hours of printing trials to arrive to this result. And a lot of swearing too, believe me. I decided to print only on A3 paper. Less than that is not worth the investment. There are so many details in my paintings which just disappear in an A4 format. Perhaps I’ll use all my A4 stock to print character close-ups, eventually.

I’m working on a new diorama which I’m very excited about. But it will take a long time before it’s finished. In the meantime, the first diorama will be soon available in my Etsy store. I have to find a way to take it into picture so that the photos do it justice,

I also fixed the problem with the contact page, it didn’t work indeed. Thank you, Ricardo, for drawing my attention to it.

I’m planning to be more talkative here on my blog, so … be prepared!

Yeah, yeah… promises.


  1. Ricardo Flores

    I am glad I was some kind of help dear Kundry. Thank you. ?

  2. Ricardo Flores

    If you see an interrogation mark at the end of my resent comment, it is supposed to be a smiley face which I copy and paste from my computer. Maybe the character type is not compatible. Just something to let you know my friend.

    1. Kundry

      No problem, dear Ricardo :-)

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