5 O’ Clock

At 5 o’clock, at wintertime, that’s the kind of light I like. This is my new little animation:


And a cool animated gif:


And a still image:




  1. Ursula

    Dear Kundry, What comes to mind is what always has come to mind (since DA days), when I look at your art. I want to crawl in and live there *SO BADLY*. From someone who wants to escape the unsafety of her existence (but never really figures out how). Take care up there in the north, Ursula ;)

    1. Kundry

      Oh, thank you, Ursula! My art indeed is meant as an invitation to go back to the inner sanctuary, this quiet place that no worry has the power to spoil (if we use well our power). I’m glad my paintings draw you in!
      Take care, too, dear dreamer…

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