A singular Tree

Probably from Wonderland. I like appliqués and I wanted to try something else with my felting experiments. I dyed a wool batt (like a blanket of fibers), shading carefully my colors and needle felted it (next time, I’ll try to wet felt it straight). Then I wet felted it. I didn’t use any varnish… because it’s expensive. Instead I glued two layers together but left unglued the bottom to stuff the trunk with cheap fibers. Of course, I used some quality wool and nylon fibers for the parts that stick out through the holes. I like the strange fruits (wire shaped in a spiral, stuffed with wool). It turned out a bit better than expected. Although, I had to stiffen the tree with a wire in the back in the end, but it’s discreet. I think I’ll take a break from felting now.




  1. Captain Wolf

    Très bel arbre ! Ca doit être agréable de faire une sieste sous son ombre

    1. Kundry

      Merci! Justement, je suis en train de faire un arbre dans lequel on peut faire une sieste!

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