A true Goblin

My visions are the downward path that led me here
into this moment of darkness and awe
where all the stars have withdrawn underground
Deep in the recesses of jewelled caves
and arcades of fiery precious gems.
One eye opened, the other sealed
One hand opened, the other closed
One foot up, the other down
Tinkling, tingling like an empty vessel.
To the king of the Goblins only will I bow

He whose ring I kissed a lifetime ago by faltering candle light
Or was it fireflies?
He filled my soul with sparkling promises which I have yet to fulfill.
Ô to be a true goblin!
Wonder of misshapen beauty
Sworn to mayhem and mischief!
Pray that I don’t unleash the silencing malice
That burns in these amber eyes,
Weaving with spindly fingers webs of whimsical enchantments
For there is no stronger magic than Goblins’ spells
Pulsing through the thin and velvety darkness,
Waiting like the toad of ancient tales,
“There is a light…”.

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