Ambassador of the Goblins

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I dreamed I was in a room and through the floor there were some demons dragging the damned down to the Underworld. At one point, I couldn’t stand it anylonger and I challenged the demons by talking to the damned. I asked them “Why do you go down with the demons when you could go with the goblins, they too live down there and they are servants of the Soul, they will take care of your soul, they will even give you a new one. “. The flow of the damned started to go and search for the goblins and the demons were not too happy about that. Later in the dream, as the community was in better hands, I went to the Underworld to give a conference about goblins and the good they do to one’s soul.


  1. Reifyn

    What a great dream! You’re fortunate to have a dream like this. Especially the end bit about going to give a conference about the goblins. I’ve always had very different ideas about goblins too than most people think of them. One of my characters is a half-goblin, half-faerie. When I read your post I thought though of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books, especially the Yellow Fairy Book, which has a story about a young woman who married a goblin & invites her family to visit. The drawings are wonderful. I’m sure you gave a good talk about the goblins to those lost souls. I wonder if it was in French, English, Norwegian or some goblin language…

    1. Kundry

      I have some of these fairy books on my ereader, I will read them soon. My vision of goblins is similar to Brian Froud’s but more colorful. The best book so far I’ve ever read about Goblins was the one by Clare B. Dunkle, The Hollow Kingdom. It is an excellent trilogy and it is so funny. I love goblin humor. I also love the fact that they always seem to have some animal characteristics, snouts or long ears. I dream of them on a regular basis, my little friends of the luminous Dark.

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