Dahud and the Morgan

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Dahud is a very, very old friend of mine, she still lives in her submerged city of Ys off the coast of Brittany. The legend said she caused the flood to take the city down to the bottom of the sea, but I believe that, being a goddess of the Sea, she took her beloved city with her, back into her realm. You see, people were not yet ready for her.  And the new Christian religion didn’t help the matter. But as the song goes, Ys will rise again when Paris (Par-Ys) will sink.  The legend also says that Dahud was everything that Christianity abhors – she liked sex, she was into witchcraft, she was wild and passionate. The same legend gave her the Devil as a partner (and her downfall) but here, I gave her better than that. I gave her a Morgan. Morgans are Mermen, they belong to the very rich folklore of Brittany.





  1. Reifyn

    So this is what you were saying you were working on. It’s so beautiful. The colours are very rich and pastel-like, which is somewhat different than most of your work. It’s pure magic—you must be very pleased to make such an image of a character you love. Ys will be glad that she is still remembered thus.

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, Reifyn! This is indeed a new direction for me. Ys has been fascinating me for so long now. I did paint it several times but never yet Dahud. I guess the right time has finally come.

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