It’s been raining a lot and the shore of the lake is flooded, there are now some beautiful moss gardens underwater. Lucy kind of misjudged the depth of the water, I think. That, or she slid on the moss and fell right into the water. I was ready to get soaked and rescue her in a very tense moment, but she managed by herself, she had water to her shoulders. Lucy after her forced bath:


She smelled of a haiku poem after that, autumn leaves, fresh water and moss. This green goes well with her complexion, don’t you think?

IMG_0353 IMG_0354 IMG_0355

Today, a dream popped up, I don’t know when it will be fulfilled, in one, two, three, four, five years, it doesn’t matter. I know it will happen. With a dear friend of mine, I will travel to Japan and visit traditional craftspeople, shrines, zen gardens, ancient forests and drink tea among other things. I can feel the dream radiate strongly, I can almost touch it. We just need to gather the funds and I, to get my driving license. I’m sure the dream will help us in its subtle ways…

Meanwhile, here’s a cake:


Not any kind, though. This is a delicious apple cake with cardamon and cinnamon. It’s so light it takes a mastery of self-control not to eat it in one go.

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