I have been working on a new diorama, a witch and her familiars. There’s going to be a lot of elements on the portal, handmade books, pop-up cards and so much more. I have started working on the first little book, it’s 5x5cm, really tiny, so I have to sharpen my coloured pencils all the time. I really love coloured pencils since I’ve never felt comfortable with brushes. There will be a few little books but all in a different style. For the next one, I would like to experiment with gouache.

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The first witches for the little book:

Happy New Year!

May you have tons of FUN, no worries and no guilt about it (while still being responsible of course). Also, optimal health, it always helps.

And of course, spread the magic…

The Snowy town is still a work in progress but it won’t be long now until it is finally finished.

Yooperlite in the UV light and fairy string of fluorite

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Oceanic Feeling

I spent the whole evening yesterday drawing and listening to music. The Sea by Morcheeba in particular entranced me, I felt deep into an Oceanic feeling. Last night I dreamed I was swimming in the sea by the shore, playing with the waves. Soon, I found myself quite the distance from the shore, the waves were increasing in size and my head was regularly being submerged, forcing me to hold my breath. I thought now would be a good time to swim back. Then it became really dramatic, waves as big as mountains were starting to break over my head, I had to hold my breath for much longer I would normally be comfortable with. And then came two huge waves in opposite directions and I was in between them. I took a big breath in, or did I forget to do this? I was utterly confused, I didn’t even know any longer how to breathe, because, simply, there was no need to. It didn’t make a difference. I was not going to drown. I was not going to die. It was to say the least an eerie feeling to be floating in and out on the vast Ocean, watching these giant waves looming over me. It was beautiful.

The Morgan

Last night, I dreamed I was walking along a beautiful river bordered and sheltered by dense and majestic trees. Then, the god of the water came to me and said he had been observing me, my wandering, my inner thoughts, and he liked me. He kissed me full on the mouth. I must admit I was taken aback, but at the same time, he wasn't a man, he was water, he was magic and deep wisdom. I looked into his eyes, totally in awe. He was wooing me, with his magic, ravishing me. And just like that, he took me away

Zen Garden

I dreamed I was in Japan. I was on a trail in the woods, kneeling, looking at the ground , I just couldn't believe I was in Japan! The earth tones had something Japanese, the moss and the leaves, little roots here and there, everything was in the right place! And there was this geothermal heat emanating from under my feet, it felt like an animal. I was thrilled.

The most beautiful wart

I dreamed I was getting my first wart as a Crone Witch. You would think I would be excited, but nope. I was horrified. I looked at myself in the mirror and at my wart. It was a tuft of animal hair. How embarrassing. I pulled at it self conscious and out it came along with a long plant stem with leaves, flowers and at the end huge beautiful sun flowers. All in all, not bad for a first wart

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