Home Sweet Home

These days, I’ve started painting over some of my ugly 70’s furniture, I had immense fun painting again with real paint brushes and acrylics. Now, just three more pieces of furniture to go. I really like the idea that you can still do something soulful for your home with little means.

furn1 furn2 furn4 furn5


Also, here are some pictures taken a while ago. Since then, it’s been raining. Another very mild winter is on its way.

IMG_4394 IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4405 IMG_4409


For those who expressed their concern about Loki, thank you again for your kind thoughts. Loki is doing admirably well. He still eats and goes for walks two hours a day.


  1. Ricardo Flores

    Hello dear Kundry, I am stopping by your beautiful world to say hello and wish you happy upcoming Holydays as they approach fast our way. They are more magical through your art. I love what you did with your 70’s furniture. It seems like anything you touch becomes magically beautiful. I am glad to hear Loki is doing fine too. Dear Kundry, do you know I use your art as wallpaper on my computer? I do, because I find it very inspiring, plus it is a great reminder of who you are as an artist. I hope that is okay with you. Warm hugs, ???ic?r?©?? ?

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Ricardo, for your wonderful comment! I too wish you a magical festive time! And yes, of course, you can use my paintings for your wallpaper, I feel very honored!

  2. Captain Wolf

    C’est magnifique ce que tu as fait.
    J’ai bien envie de t’engager pour customiser mes meubles ^^

    Je suis contente que Loki aille bien. J’espère que toi aussi, tu vas bien.

    1. Kundry

      Merci Captain Wolf! hé!hé! Je veux bien que tu m’engages ;-)! Mais avec quelques tubes d’acrylique, c’est pas si difficile, quelques dégradés ici et là et des étoiles, plein d’étoiles!

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