Ice Lantern

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Today was cold enough to try making for the first time an ice lantern, but it turned out too short. Loki tried to lick it and the wind gave me a hard time, but it’s burning now steadily. My little offering to Morozko:





  1. Reifyn

    How do you make such an ice lantern? Pour water into something?
    My feed-reader once again has failed to send me your posts: I just got the past 4 just now. I don’t like feed-readers, they’re unreliable.
    I really liked the green Northern Lights pictures. You’re so fortunate to live up there right on the arctic circle. I haven’t seen those lights since about 10 years. They were pink then and covered the entire sky. I think I am loosing something by not seeing them & will greet them as old friends when i see them again.
    Do you think the trolls who live in that troll-house may be unhappy with your publishing a picture of it? I was reminded of one of my fave films, Ronja Rövardotter. Have you seen this?The little rumphobs who live under the snow or in such places like that troll-house. All they do is ask ‘why?’ all the time. I can imagine you meeting some of them—but they’d be afraid if Loki is with you. Or maybe they could ride on his back if he likes them. But I had a border collie years ago and she would chase rumphobs when given a chance. ‘Why?!’ they would yell as they ran away.

    1. Kundry

      Oh, hello Reifyn! My Feedly does that to me too sometimes. But perhaps the problem comes from WordPress? I don’t know.
      Northern Lights are highly addictive. When I go back to France for a few weeks every year, it feels really weird at night not seeing them. Ever. It’s quite seldom they turn pink, there must have been a strong geomagnetic storm, you were very lucky! I’m sure they’ll greet you as an old friend, too. Standing under the infinite universe makes me feel like a speck of dust but I also feel seen, and on some occasions, although there’s nothing scientific to back me up here, I felt I had drawn the Northern Lights’ attention and the huge beast had started coiling around me, descending, descending, drawn by curiosity. Poetically speaking, it is true.
      The ice lantern is really, really easy to make. You fill a recepticle with water up to three fourths, drop anything you like in it, branches, berries, leaves, or ribbons and beads like I did, and place another empty recepticle in it. This has to be slightly smaller. It will float (unless it’s made out of stone!). You leave it outside (or in a freezer) a minimum of 6 hours… and voila!
      I actually asked the troll for permission to take a picture of his home, and he said yes, but no flash. I’ve been taking pictures of this particular outcrop quite often but it was the first time I suddenly, consciously saw it for what it was. So that’s why I had to ask for permission that time. I had never heard of Ronja Rövardotter but I just saw they have it on Youtube. I will certainly watch it. I think Loki would chase the rumphobs too, but only if they kept running. It is very easy to stand up to him but shhh…it’s a secret. By the way, “why” is a very good question…

      1. Reifyn

        Oh, you’ll love the movie when you see it for the first time especially. Some of the best actors ever too, but you must excuse some of the special effects which are very 1980s. The girl who plays Ronja grew up to be an amazing member of Swedish parliament & is now a professional negotiator. The story was written by Astrid Lindgren, writer of Pippi Longstocking books.
        I’m sure the northern lights can interact with people—nobody can really say what they are, even if they think they know by some scientific explanation. They can tell you what ’causes’ wind or storms, but not what they are. And certainly never ‘why?’!

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