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A little lantern. It was much more difficult than I thought.

I’ve been craving working with ceramic lately, nothing big since I do not have enough space to store lanterns but perhaps beads and little plates.

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How do I rekindle the flame for this blog? But the true question is why did I neglect it for so long? I think I have been unkind to myself. I’ve been denying myself my freedom of expression just to accommodate people who like only small talk. Now, I am past all this and I don’t care if my love of depths and feelings makes them feel uncomfortable. This is who I am. I do not have to please unkind people.

I went through bit of a crisis with mixed media. I was very unsatisfied with the results, probably because I felt I could do much better with digital painting. Which is true. I think I should really stick to projects I can hardly create with digital painting, like a big diorama, or pop-up and other paper mechanisms, it’s the only way my creativity can make me content. The only problem is that I really don’t have the space to have many sumptuous dioramas decorating my house. This is why today, I rearranged my altar and shelves around so I would have two big dioramas on display at all time. The Chinese one is a permanent one, I never tire of looking at it, but the second one can be in alternance with other foldable dioramas. Now, I’m really looking forward to creating these big, extravagant dioramas!

I've been playing with mixed media again, this time on the theme of the sea
With a pop-up part!
I've experimented with ink pens which dry waterproof, and watercolours on top
And of course, coloured pencils on top - I would be very frustrated without them!
More ink pens, coloured pencils and Posca pens on top
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The snowy town is expanding. I love painting all these windows, imagining stories…

Still a long way to go though.

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I dreamed I was back in the City of my Dreams. I was walking in the streets and everything was so beautiful, art, hygge and creativity were everywhere, houses ornamented with lovely painted woodcarvings. The city was so full of delights I started to cry with joy. But then, suddenly my mood shifted and I found myself elsewhere, in a situation I didn't enjoy. I realised this City is a mental state or state of mind. In order to find it again, I have to re-enter the "frame". That was a very interesting dream, it made me think a lot about our moods and how we can change them or get trapped in. If I was depressed and a friend told me "snap out of it, change your mood", I would consider the advice very insensitive. We need time to process things, we need to mourn. But we also need closure at some point. Closure is the goal. Otherwise, we are pathless, drifting on a boat when we could sail it. I believe the Mind is powerful and I hold Imagination's power as the most magical help we can get, if used correctly ( yes, anxiety is a misuse of imagination). Imagination doesn't want to work against us, it wants to help us reinventing ourselves, it wants us to enter different frames of mind, not because others tell you that is the frame of mind you should adopt (we are unfortunately quicker to adopt negative ones like guilt and self depreciation, because of our trauma). In the end, we are nothing, like the Japanese Buddhist Komuso, the so-called priests of Nothingness who go through villages, playing the shakuhachi, while their heads are completely concealed under a woven basket. We might as well choose which place or frame of mind we want to live in, instead of letting others choose for us. Think how much we internalise nearly everyone, a boss, an ex, a rude person in a shop, and all the bullies we ever encountered, let's choose wisely who we should listen to and who is our true master.

Now, a bit of Lofoten’s beauty…

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 I love spending time on my bed. It feels like a Gypsy caravan.

The new altar at night is even more magical…

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  1. Corinne

    Quel délice de pénétrer dans l’antre magique de ton univers petite fée ! Tant de merveilleux détails à découvrir, tant de beauté lumineuse et cosy, toutes tes oeuvres fantasmagoriques et tes balades champêtres peuplent mes yeux d’enchantement, merci pour ces magnifiques partages Anne **

    1. Kundry

      Merci chère Corinne! Quel plaisir de découvrir ton adorable message! Bisous

  2. jo

    And there i go taking deeper breaths smiling a little more and filled with wonder at the beauty you so magically create and the incredible landscape you live amongst. love to you, dear Kundry, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Oh thank you, Jo! I’m glad my post brought you enchantment! Love to you too, dear Jo!

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