Marble Yarn

Marble yarns really are my favourite. A work in progress on my loom:

I’m in love with my hand-woven fabrics. The more I weave, the less I feel like wearing anything else. My only problem is… my tailoring skills. I messed up two wonderful fabrics, it was a disaster and I’m now very reluctant to cut into these little treasures. But I’m working on it. I bought myself the cheapest fabric I could find so I could train without too much damage. I’ve always loved beautiful clothes, it’s like wearing the stuff of fairy tales…

I’m really glad I took to weaving. There are infinite possibilities and so many beautiful yarns out there.


  1. Eva

    This is exquisitely beautiful!
    You never fail to impress me with the many marvellous skills you have. I’m actually beginning to wonder whether you might not have attended one of those Festivals of Good Children in Wootton Major some years back and were served (like Smith of Wootton Major) that lucky slice of the Great Cake with the Fay Star in it!

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, Eva! Most of what I do is fairly easy, you know. I search a lot online about tips and tools and I also try to find my own way. I should start posting tutorials and what I’ve learned so far to encourage people to create with a maximum satisfaction. There is one thing though I really have problems with, it’s the human face. It is very difficult to paint and to shape (with clay).

      1. Eva

        Whatever techniques, simple or difficult, are required for the things one creates, if the magic is missing, the stuff just doesn’t have the enchanting quality that all of your work seems to possess. Quite a gift you have there.
        Trouble with human faces? Well, don’t we all, most of the time. But who cares about humans as long as there are goblins, trolls and other wondrous critters around: their faces you do superbly well.
        And in case of self-doubt, it is always a good idea to eat some more of those fabulous cakes I have seen here. (Your companion does not, by any chance, go by the name of “Alf Prentice” amongst humans, does he? He seems a true Master Baker indeed.)

        1. Kundry

          You’re right about the goblins and the trolls, he, he! And they also are very forgiving, they don’t mind a bit of asymmetry here and there, as long as the art shows their soul. I had to google Alf Prentice and discovered it’s from a book by Tolkien I haven’t read. Yet. I will pass on the compliment :-).

          1. Eva

            It is a short story, to be found in the “Tales from the Perilous Realm”. When I read it, your work sprang to my mind. Right, I thought, must have swallowed the Fay Star, that one. And when I had a look at those cakes…ah well. Too good to be true. The King of Faerie is hanging out in Norway these days!

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