My Yule Tree

I’ve finished decorating my first big Christmas Tree and used the ornaments… I meant to sell, oops! I realise that I can’t make duplicates of things, everything has to be one of a kind and that’s not very commercial. On top of that, let’s face it, the chance to sell anything remotely artistic these days is doomed to failure unless you’re the very, very persistent kind and I’m not. I have other preoccupations and fun in art is my one and only aim. Very, very few people pay for art. I also can’t compete with the Chinese market. So that’s my long story just to say I’m giving up entirely. My art is now free from any worry and it is just so… as it should be!

So I hope you too have an area in your life where you can say “fuck it” and just do things for yourself. Money and recognition cannot compensate for the pleasure you would sacrifice to get them.

Here is a Yule Tree to dream by. It contains a whole magical world.img_3711 img_3728 img_3740 img_3742



  1. Captain Wolf

    Ton sapin est superbe et féerique.

    Tu as bien raison de créer pour ton plaisir et non pour l’argent.
    Mais ça veut dire que je pourrais jamais t’acheter quelque chose, snif

    1. Kundry

      Merci! Je mettrai peut-être quelque chose sur Etsy de temps à autre, à condition que ce soit léger et pas trop fragile.

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