New Diorama

Back to my favourite town, the town I sometimes dream of, the Hygge town. It has just snowed, I’m not sure whether it’s the morning or the evening, the light changes constantly. I’ll have to pause the making of my dioramas and work on cutout ornaments for Christmas.

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  1. Ursula

    Dear Kundry,

    I might have asked before (once…or twice…or…), how much is the rent in one (*any*) of your pieces of art? For someone who constantly tries to flee from reality, your fantasy is mighty tempting. :)

    Take care,

    1. Kundry

      He!he! I’m glad you like my world so much, Ursula! I think it’s also possible to live in both worlds at the same time, and find subtle ways to “ensoul” this world.

      1. Ursula

        Agreed Kundry, but it does depend on one’s real world. Mine has become pretty bleak, so I find your world much more enjoyable. ;)

        1. Kundry

          I’m so sorry to hear your world has become bleak, Ursula. I hope you’ll find a way to make the best out of it. You can contact me if you need to chat. Hugs!

  2. Captain Wolf

    C’est juste merveilleux.
    Je fais mes cartons et j’emménage dans cette ville ^^

    1. Kundry

      Merci! Il y a aussi plein de salon de thé librairies et des etangs glacés où les gens vont patiner.

      1. Captain Wolf

        Il faut mieux que j’évite le patinage. j’ai déjà du mal à tenir sur mes pieds XD Par contre, la librairie, ça me va très bien.

        1. Kundry

          Hé!hé! ;-)!

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