New Path

Today, I took the girls to a place I visited only once with Loki and they LOVED it. If they could talk, they would ask me to go there every day. It’s a headland surrounded by the sea, there is sunlight there all day long.

The girls ready for the adventure:


Pixie is really cute in Lucy’s old red coat. I’m so eager to make coats for both of them. I already wove the fabric but for the lining, I ordered some fake fur “Cookie Monster Blue”.

This path was truly magical…

img_3041 img_3045

On the way, we passed a holiday hut. These people have a sense for Hygge, I took the freedom to take some pictures because I know for certain it was empty.

img_3016 img_3047 img_3008 img_3003 img_3009 img_3010 img_3012 img_3013 img_3017 img_3018 img_3019 img_3021 img_3022 img_3023 img_3029 img_3026 img_3028 img_3025 img_3031 img_3033 img_3036 img_3037 img_3038 img_3039 img_3040 img_3042 img_3043


  1. Captain Wolf

    C’est magnifique. L’eau est sublime. Ça donne envie de se baigner. Bon, elle doit être très froide mais ça m’a jamais arrêtée XD

    1. Kundry

      Elle est à 10 degrés quand même. Juste les orteils alors!

      1. Captain Wolf

        Déjà testé à cette température. Ça me va. Bon pas longtemps, c’est sûr XD

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