Pixie and his Leaf Boat

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I’ve just added my first physical item to my Etsy store. This took me at least 10 working days to create. I hope he will find a nice home.
It’s wet felted and needle felted, embroidered and decorated with beads, tinsel and sequins. This little chap is a great traveller, a real and daring adventurer. He is fearless but not brainless. He’s just in tune with Life’s extravagant beauty and diversity.







  1. Reifyn

    I love this pixie & leaf boat! It’s wonderful. I’m so glad you have been making things to sell on ETSY. This one is very complex—it would have taken me 10 years instead of 10 days. The boat is fabulous, with the mushroom & little book. He reminds me of one character I saw in this little booklet that I spilled water all over…it’s nice to see someone like him floating in a leaf boat. I’m amazed how you are able to give the same general feel to your different works, such as the ceramics or the digital paintings and such things like this. Even if you never tried to sell your things though, it’s wonderful just to create them, isn’t it? They can be like children though: when they grow up, they sometimes are ready to leave home on their leaf boats.

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, Reifyn! Could the book be by Tove Jansson? Because the little chap reminds me very much of one of the characters of the Moomin books, Snufkin.
      I completely agree, creating is total bliss. Nothing makes me happier. And I secretly hope that it won’t sell, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to let my creations go.But every one needs a source of income and I’d rather spend my days creating than doing something I don’t enjoy.

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