Second Project

This is 2 meters long. I think I’ll incorporate some bits here and there in some clothes, depending on my inspiration. I could make coats for my girls with it, pockets, hats. I won’t be doing stripes before a while. On my loom is a single color warp to weave with fur yarn. I can’t stand to see this loom naked, there must be something on it at all times, even if I sometimes end up weaving ten minutes a day. My loom is now on a stand, I can weave a few rows now and then, while the food is cooking or just before going to work. I love it.



  1. Nicole

    J,aime beaucoup les couleurs, et la texture a l,air bien chaude, ce serait parfait pour les manteaux de tes chiens!

    1. Kundry

      Merci Nicole! Oui, j’y songe, ce serait super classe, des manteaux tiss├ęs mains!

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