I am back from my trip to France and the weather has been glorious these past few days. My suitcase was full of delicious French cheese, and chocolates

I’m having fun working on a series of stationery. I love snail mail, I’m planning to devote more time to it and also buy a printer.

A lovely woman came to visit, she was very interested in mixed media, so I showed her quickly all the possibilities, textures, stencils, embossing, etc. This morning, I was about to throw away the little random samples when I decided to arrange all of them in a thank you card, adding a few little details here and there to transform them into a little story of some kind. I love doing that ❤️

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Tempting to bathe, the feet at least.

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  1. jo

    Glad to hear you are home safe and sound, dear Kundry. The video from the plane is amazing. So clear. So is the one for the crystal water. But you didn’t put your feet in!!! i love that video so much not just for the water but also the mountains as the camera pans across. i’m craving some good mountains, so, thank you. also the little lantern creatures oh they are gorgeous. love to you, dear Kundry, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! This place is close to the cabin where you stayed. I always think of you when I go there. Unfortunately, I didn’t bathe my feet, the temptation was big but the dogs were particularly unruly, trying to eat seaweed and other things. I had to watch them all the time. Perhaps next time. I touched the shallow water and it was cool but not icy. Love to you too!

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