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I love tricksters in any form! I’m especially fascinated by Fox, Raven and Loki whom I kind of represented here in his “bug” form (the little bugger). I may be naive but I think they all mean well. They’re divine after all, how could they get it wrong? Trickster sees the whole picture and therefore is the wisest of all. A trickster’s heart is something of a mystery. It’s not all pink and fluffy (the one on the picture is mine, notice the patch), it can also be full of anger and sadness. But passion and ecstasy as well, and when no one sees… mystery. I believe wholeheartedly in Trickster, and I think Trickster believes in me too. He might raise his eyes and sigh repeatedly but he knows I’m trying.




  1. Ricardo Flores

    Dear Kundry, I am simply falling in love with your art, and your beautiful world which I identify completely with. Your art, in my humble opinion, should transcend generations. Warm hugs, Ricardo, “fallen angel and lost prince with no kingdom (at least in my dreams.)” =)

    1. Kundry

      Hello Ricardo and thank you so much for your nice words! I’m really glad that my art speaks to you in such a lovely way, thank you!!! Warm hugs to you too!

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