Troll’s Home

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This is what I mean by Troll’s home. Trolls are great, you know. They’re exactly where they’re meant to be, they take as much as space as they need and never feel sorry for it. Troll magic is extremely creative and potent, raw and primitive.

The polar night has started even though I have been deprived of sunlight most of November. Pitiless sun ;-). But Father Frost brought me some light and fluffy crispy delights this morning. Loki was quite frosted by the end of the walk. I made fun of him looking like an old chap, not realizing my hair was frosted too.

I should take a video sometime of the ice sheets in the fjord because the sound they produce is amazing, it sometimes sounds like whales. Beautiful and spooky.

I opened an Etsy shop, at last. For now there are two stationery sets available for download, but since I just bought a excellent Canon printer, soon there will be physical cards and so on for sale. I also plan to sell a few ceramic and felt works. Here’s the link:
Kundry Land’s Etsy Store
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