The panorama of the snowy Hygge town is now finished. The B&B is definitely my favourite part, I adore these little ladies and their “savoir vivre”. To think this painting took over a year…

Another witch. Still having fun with coloured pencils. A witch is a hero.

The Girls chilling out and a few Northern lights taken from my bed.

These days, the weather has been gorgeous. It is so wonderful to see colours again. But I’m not quite ready yet for springtime, I am glad that snow weather is on its way back.

The videos are in chronological order.

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A secret Passage

I dreamed I was in China. I was in a cave and discovered a very narrow passage which led to a beautiful wooded mountain by the sea. I was small enough to go through but the other tourists weren't. A group of Chinese ladies saw me and were complaining about journalists coming in their country and distorting everything. I walked towards them with a smile and said "I am no journalist, I am just a tourist in love with your country". They welcomed me warmly in their midst and I found the courage to say a few Chinese words (I'm learning Chinese), and they were delighted. I said I was probably too old to learn Chinese, but then I thought and added that if I lived to the age of 120, by the age of 80, I'll probably be fluent in Chinese! They laughed and marveled at my determination. Some of them were easily a 100 years old.


  1. jo

    oh Kundry! i am laughing in delight at everything in this post. i love the cat in the window and Pixie’s book nook and the girls with the tarot and…everything else. i just want to keep writing ‘i love it’! The videos are stunning. the sound of the waves and snow crunching underfoot and water running over rocks. these must be some of my favourite sounds. i love the water with the green weed underneath so pretty and inviting – although i know the water there is not like the water here! It looks amazingly cold – a cold i wonder at especially after the weather this year. thank you as always for your uplifting art and videos. love to you dear Kundry, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! Thank you for your lovely words! Love to you too!

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