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For my 50 th birthday, I got spoiled rotten, I got a smartphone to listen to Spotify in the car and a car stereo to play the content from the smartphone. No more listening to the same CD tracks over and over, then cutting the sound down with relief to enjoy a sullen silence. I love music, I’ve always listened to a ton of them. I love exploring and discovering new artists.

I also got the GoPro 7. Well… this is my gift to myself (on top of all the other things). Yesterday, I took a few videos and I’m impressed. I didn’t try particularly hard and I am new to all these settings, but I know now which settings I want. I spent the whole afternoon figuring out how to open the box (it is very confusing), watching lots of video tutorials, struggling with the bluetooth updating process, the waterproof case, etc (you got the picture). So at the end of the afternoon, I was ready to give it a try, took the girls for a walk and then… came the sea fog. It was beautiful though but the sun disappeared quickly. Very quickly. Here are two pictures:

My Punk girls:

I love the sparkles on the water. I also like the moment I near the water, it feels like I’m seamlessly drifting above the water, like in a dream. The stabilisation is really impressive, it is so smooth! The videos took a long time to edit and convert. The sharp setting on the camera is a bit too much for me, but I reduced it since then.

I think I’m going to have loads of fun! And the camera is insanely light, which is what I wanted.

In the morning, I took the girls to one of my favourite places. I love the woods, this is by far my favourite environment.

Pixie chilling out (it was warmish)

All this glorious greenery is so welcoming, like open arms…

Pixie hats

We sat there at the top of the slope for a while, just taking in… everything.

The water is so clear.

The sunlight sparkling among the reeds:

It was so warm in the early morning, I opened the entrance door of my house to let the girls enjoy their favourite TV channel : The Outside World. They do bark at everything, passing people, birds and who knows what else, and when I tell them to stop, they just keep on. On the other hand, if I threaten to close the door, they grow suddenly very quiet. They understand more than they let on.

My clever but very stubborn girls:


  1. Miss Castielle Pan

    J’adore les photos de Pixie. Surtout son regard sur la première photo sur le lit. Genre ” j’ai fait une bêtise, mais je suis mignonne”^^

    C’était ton anniversaire il y a pas longtemps ? Tu as été très gâtée en tout cas

    1. Kundry

      Merci Castielle! Oui, tres expressif le regard de Pixie! Mon anniversaire est en fait dans le courant du mois de juin. J’aime bien avoir mes cadeaux en avance :-).

        1. Kundry

          Merci Castielle!

  2. Jo

    Happy 50th Birthday Anne!

    I could watch these gorgeous videos and look at the stunning pictures all day. I love seeing Lucy and Pixie caper around.

    Love to you,


    1. Kundry

      Thank you so much, Jo! I was delighted to find your lovely message! Love to you too!

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