A bit of snow at last

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There’s hardly been any snow this winter. But today there is a strong blizzard which even sticks to the windows (nice and cosy). The wind has dropped, I think I’ll go to the forest with my snow shoes. I’ve gone back to felting, in my hands another goblin. I’m glad to announce that soon there will be prints for sale in my Etsy shop. I finally got the hang out of this wonderful printer.












  1. Reifyn

    You live in some beautiful country, Kundry. I remember seeing those sheets of ice that break up into shapes like that. The shadows are so dramatic at this time of year. Do you ever see the frost on the windows painted in beautiful patterns there? I know they use triple glazing in Scandinavia, and so it isn’t likely to appear as it needs the warmth from the inner part of a glass-pane with the cold from outside. Look forward to the felt goblin.

    1. Kundry

      I know…I feel so lucky to live here. Here on Lofoten, it’s very rare it gets cold enough to get frosty windows, it’s because we’re surrounded by the Gulf stream. On the mainland, it’s much colder. People in Norway use double glazing mostly but I guess it depends on where you live and also how rich you are, because it’s very expensive. I absolutely love frost, it might even be my favourite natural phenomena. It totally enchants me.

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