The dream that is too fragile to be incarnated, the passion that is too intense to find expression, the mystery that runs too deep to be fathomed…  In trying to attain the unattainable, unexpected treasures can be unearthed, just as a crushed heart can be touched by grace.  And the Bluebird will love you for it, for it is the passion and the longing and the mystery that fuel his song, that animate and dignify him.  Guardian of our deepest dreams, he is the glamorous little king of Nature’s ravishing garden.  (All the faeries have a crush on him, you know.)  He sings of profound ecstasy, of exquisite yearning.



  1. Isabelle Georgelin

    ….” Guardian of our deepest dream…” J’aurai donc une pensée pour le Bluebird , si magnifiquement dessiné, chaque jour ! Je pense que la fée bleue qui vient souvent nous rendre visite le connait bien.

    Merci pour tous ces espaces magiques que vous nous donnez à contempler et à réintégrer.

    1. Kundry

      Merci Isabelle!!!

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