The Sublime

The Sublime

This is a little preview of the big animation I'm currently working on.

I had many wonderful dreams lately. Two of them were BIG dreams as I was flying.
The first dream became a poem:
I dreamed I was flying over the dark ocean
So low above the surface, I could almost touch it
The heavy and turbulent water was like a terrifying beast,
But even more unnerving were the unfathomable depths,
At any moment, this dark infinite world could engulf me, swallow me whole
And I would be lost forever.
But this is not what happened.
In my soul, I surrendered to the wild beast and it was sublime.
There was no greater power, and yet, it didn’t crush me.
There was nothing to fear.

The second dream went like this:

I dreamed that I was walking along a winding path surrounded by green valleys and mountains.The sun was rising and everything was bathed in its golden light. I had headphones on and was listening to some music. I started to float above the path and I was also dancing. I didn’t care if anyone saw me, and actually, I was making a mental note to do it more often, to fly and dance at the same time whenever I was in this mood. It was delicious. I wanted to try something special, I thought “let’s see if I can invent a personal Tai chi but in the air”. So I started to make some fluid movements and control the energy. It was like petting a cat, undulating and responding to my touch. I was playing with my own energetic field. While still flying. Suspended in grace.

Priestess of the Otherworld and the Pied Piper

I dreamed I had discovered the entrance to the Otherworld and I was taking some people there. To go in there, you needed a small book (to take notes?) and a flute to ward off unwanted influences (mostly ourselves, since we are often our own worst enemies). There was something wrong with the ordinary plane, so few resources of any kind. It was bleak and unwelcoming. These people sought refuge. Exploring the Otherworld was so exciting, it was indeed full of resources and very welcoming. It was tailored to our needs.
I don’t remember the first trips there but I remember the last one. We had gathered in a derelict barn on a hill, we were waiting for all our other soul companions, but it turned out they were already by the entrance to the Otherworld, which was situated in a cave. We rushed there. I realised I had lost my tools—the book and flute—but I was surprised to find they couldn’t be lost, they always came back to the gate to the Otherworld, waiting for me. I picked up my flute and said it was mine, but then I saw there was this tortoise shaped ocarina and I gave it a try. There were 8 or 10 holes and the music was beautiful, so eerie. I am no musician, but with this flute, it all came naturally to me. This flute was made for my soul. So I chose it. The others had left already, so I followed a path. And encountered a wall. I went through it without a moment of hesitation and the sensation was peculiar, like going through some insanely thin paper that just crackled but didn’t break. On the other side, I discovered I was on the forested slope of a mountain and I could see the others ahead. I walked side by side with a nice little lady, everything was so lovely and peaceful. Beyond a hill, we faced a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. it was a coast of steep snowy mountains (just like Lofoten) and the path took us down along the shore where small playing waves licked our feet.
Later on, I was back on the ordinary plane and I was walking in a town, heading towards a new gate I had discovered. In the dream, there was something about me lately which compelled people in the streets to make fun of me. I encountered a group of them who nicknamed me the “priestess”. Like there was something funny and pejorative. I am no priestess, but maybe, in this dream, I was, because I took care of a community. But in the end, they were able to take care of themselves and that was a very good thing.
A week ago, I had a very similar dream. Except, I was no leader at any point, but I was with a leader . We ran up the stairs to the attic of a house where the gate to the Otherworld was. We were pursued, but it was fun and exciting. And the possibility of escaping to the Otherword was just… fantastic! We easily entered this Otherword and our pursuers could never find us.



Le Salon de Thé

Not in English, sorry.

J’ai créé un forum où il fera bon partager de manière très cosy sur des activités créatives et artistiques, les rêves et le mysticisme. Vous pouvez, si cela vous tente vous y inscrire mais il faut aussi participer, autrement les comptes inactifs sont supprimés. Tous les sujets sont invisibles aux non-membres afin de créer un lieu propice à des échanges plus personnels et moins superficiels que sur certaines plateformes dont je tairai le nom. Il n’est pas nécessaire de créer pour venir papoter, la fibre artistique suffit. L’enchantement est dans l’œil qui le perçoit.


Chocolate Orange Cheesecake with Rum Cream

A chocolate crumb sits beneath a sabayon-based, Cointreau-chocolate cheesecake covered in a dark chocolate mirror glaze, topped with a disc of rum mascarpone cream.