I got the visit of special guests at my kitchen’s window this morning. Three elks! They always follow this route. The first one usually pauses for effect and looks at me sideways “Look how awesome I am with my breath illuminated by the sun”. I couldn’t agree more.

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I have finally worked quite a bit on my blog. First thing first, I fixed my Soul Oracle online, you can draw it on my homepage… or here. There are 33 cards but I’m looking forward to adding more.

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I know very few people go on my blog in this age of social media platforms but I have a fondness for lost causes. I’m experimenting with different formats/options/plugins/etc, I’m going to create animated pages, something immersive. Like storytelling. Not just a video. This is just a tiny beginning.

I am so thrilled by my new animated page adventure my feet are hardly touching the ground. It’s going to be packed with animation and special effects. There will be a series of pages, each one will start with a postcard and will be followed by my adventures as a tourist in Hygge Pure Land. The great thing is that I don’t even have to work on each day in chronological order. Time in Dreamland isn’t linear.

This is the link to the animated page (Work in Progress) : https://kundryland.com/hygge-pure-land/

I also finished a little book for the Witch Diorama

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It is still snowing here, and there is now so much light. Only two weeks before the night disappears.

Lately, I have visited again Flakstad and Moskenes. And of course, Vik beach whenever I feel a longing for the sound of the waves.

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A Magical Cloth

Someone I know was giving me something he found and for which he had no use for : a magical cloth which makes new art and craft supplies appear every half an hour. It was a lot of exciting things, some of the beads were exquisite. As the hours passed, the contents were becoming more and more diverse, lots of little treasures for scrapbooking and journaling. I was thrilled as I was going through the fast accumulating heap of papers and shiny things.

New Land

I guess Dreamland is making new land, my three dreams last night were about lava. No one died, it was just a bit unsettling. We had to go in the water to avoid “gentle” flows of lava, the sea was shallow with a tropical vibe. I was sad thinking about all my favourite spots being transformed though, but overall, it was eerie, kind of exciting but a bit scary to think I might get encircled. I could see it was nothing personal, it was the way the land renews itself. Life always comes back. New beginnings…

Pure Land

Last night I dreamed I was in France under the reign of Napoleon. He was always at war with the civilians. Then there was the animal and human trafficking, hundreds of them being exploited and dying on huge racks like crucified by the Roman Empire. I had enough. I decided to sail away, leave this land. But I saw that one of the children on the racks was moving. Her foot had been bandaged, but she had no skin underneath, it had been taken away for transplant. It was very dangerous but I had to take her with me. Take her with me to the Pure Land. I have been reading about Pure Land Buddhism yesterday. I’m all for bringing Heaven on Earth but sometimes, there’s no other choice than sailing away… to the Pure Land! That’s probably what my art is all about.


  1. jo

    oh, Kundry! there are just so many beautiful things to look at. thank you for keeping up your blog. the enjoyment and delight i receive from your lovely work i imagine is equal to about q million followers on social media perhaps more. so actual numbers don’t mean much. love to you, jo xxx

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, dear Jo! It is so nice to know that you always are one of my very few precious readers.
      Love to you too!

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