1. barbara

    et alors Loki, elle est bonne l’eau ou bien elle est encore un peu froide ?

    1. Kundry

      Il aime bien se baigner mais il aime modérément la pluie. D’ailleurs, il tire un peu la tronche sur les photos.

  2. Maya

    I have really enjoyed perusing your photos from this summer. I love all of the water and the cool, lush, green of the forest. It is especially soothing in contrast to the extreme heat we’ve had in NYC! And as per usual, Loki has such a great energy in all of your pics of him. Thank you for posting such wonderful stuff!

    1. Kundry

      Thank you so much, Maya, that’s really lovely!

    2. Kundry

      I’m back on Facebook under Kundry Land. But I can’t find you. If you’re still there, feel free to send me a request :-).

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