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I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate, my sweet Papillon girls, Lucy and Pixie and the spirit of my border collie, Loki. My creativity is a tribute to the eyes that blink in the heart of every smallest thing, the flowing dreams whose pulse tries to reach to us in our most meditative state.

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Snowy Light

A few days ago, we went to the beach. It’s becoming quite dark now. The polar night is not just between the 5th of December and the 7th of January, the sky can also be overcast from October to February with more often than not, clear skies … in December (the irony of it). Play Video Peaceful afternoon weavingThe warm

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My Town

I started this diorama on the … 10th of August! It took 3 months! Not full time obviously but still, many, many hours a week. Overall, I’m quite pleased, it’s better than I thought it’d be, even though I had to restrict myself to just a few houses because of the lack of space on my walls.  Play Video Ideally,

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First Snow

Damn! My diorama is not finished yet but I realise it is too big! Unfortunately, I can’t add the Liminal Orchestra to the right as it was planned,because there is the lamp there. And I did take the measurements several times! The diorama as it is, is still way too big!The orchestra and I spoke about it, they agreed to

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Homemade Chocolate

I dreamed that my employers had a farm area and they had captured a fox which they were going to kill. He was locked in one of the stables. I just couldn’t stand the idea and I didn’t care if they fired me, no fox would be killed under my watch. So I opened the latch and I asked the

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The little bits of my paintings I love the most:

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