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A Miniature Book

I got the visit of special guests at my kitchen’s window this morning. Three elks! They always follow this route. The first one usually pauses for effect and looks at me sideways “Look how awesome I am with my breath illuminated by the sun”. I couldn’t agree more. Play Video I have finally worked quite a bit on my blog. First thing first, I fixed my Soul Oracle online, you can draw it on my homepage… or here. There are 33 cards but I’m looking forward to adding more. Play Video I know very few people go on my blog in this age of social media platforms but I have a fondness

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Woo Woo Witchy Sisterhood B and B

The panorama of the snowy Hygge town is now finished. The B&B is definitely my favourite part, I adore these little ladies and their “savoir vivre”. To think this painting took over a year… Another witch. Still having fun with coloured pencils. A witch is a hero. The Girls chilling out and a few Northern lights taken from my bed. These days, the weather has been gorgeous. It is so wonderful to see colours again. But I’m not quite ready yet for springtime, I am glad that snow weather is on its way back. The videos are in chronological order. Play Video Play Video Play Video Play Video A secret Passage I

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Gypsy Vardo

I have been renovating my working space in my bedroom and I am very pleased with my reorganisation. I’m glad I have now these side shelves for my laptop and my graphic tablet which brings me so much joy. I rearranged my altar accordingly and I love it. It’s all connected somehow. The bed is like a fortress or a Gypsy caravan. I had to glue a good carpet on the dog ramp though. The girls love this very special place. The bed is higher, the view better. And it’s also more manageable at night when the girls insist on sleeping in the middle. Mostly, I’ve just been sitting here, taking in

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Imagination is company

Imagination is a wild beast. It is also a Wise Beast. It is not in the mind, it’s in the Soul. It is not like the mind, it is magical.Imagination is my special friend. I have been working with clay a bit. I have been missing ceramic work for so long (and many other things). These past 10 years, it’s been really difficult to combine a full time job with all my passions. Many have no idea how big a challenge it is. Fortunately, I do not have any children to take care of, but I still have two dogs who must go for long walks every day. It is very hard

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It’s been too long

Play Video Play Video A little lantern. It was much more difficult than I thought. I’ve been craving working with ceramic lately, nothing big since I do not have enough space to store lanterns but perhaps beads and little plates. Play Video How do I rekindle the flame for this blog? But the true question is why did I neglect it for so long? I think I have been unkind to myself. I’ve been denying myself my freedom of expression just to accommodate people who like only small talk. Now, I am past all this and I don’t care if my love of depths and feelings makes them feel uncomfortable. This is

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Merry Solstice!

I was going to make a diorama for Yule, but I started too late. Nevertheless, it will be a seasonal diorama. It will be quite big, perhaps 60 cm high. I started painting it with mixed media, it is now well on its way to be finished. I’m having loads of fun with ink pads, watercolour pens, coloured pencils, glitter, embossing powders and all kind of (legal) powders! Merry Solstice! Although that was a few days ago. I haven’t posted for a while. The last pictures I took, the sun was still shining and then we went into the polar night but the weather has been fantastic with a lot of snow

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I’m having such a cosy time painting my Snowy Town. This is a close-up of my Work-In-Progress.  Looking forward to snowy weather! Play Video Frost at last! It’s been so mild lately. I love all the glitter (no surprise here). Working on a scrapbooked pocket on the Dragon theme. This will go to my … cutting machine! Nothing too intricate, it is not a laser one but it will do a better job than an arthritis inducing manual blade. And then, I will colour it with watercolours, sprays, pencils, whatever takes my fancy! And yes, a bit of glitter and most certainly some embossing. Play Video I really enjoy my walks at

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Hyakki Yagyo

These two previous nights, I woke up during the night to see at my window a little diffused light among the dark clouds. I knew it was the Moon. She wanted to say Hello, there! I waited a bit and there she came with her crescent dress. Last night, I realised she was… family. Be it friends or the entire planet, we need to commit and extend our sense of family. Last night, I fell back to sleep thinking wisdom, all sorts of wisdoms should be taught at school. It’s the discipline we are the most in need of. Then, the Moon sent me two gifts in the form of two dreams.

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