Happy Halloween to all my lovely readers! May this night bring magic and wonder. And perhaps a little fright, a delightful shiver of fear that sends you into fits of giggling, like only children know. Remember the loved ones, but also the spirit friends in the Otherworld. They are many. They think of you too and wish you could hear all the profound messages they’re trying to give you. But maybe you can hear them. Can you understand the language of Soul? If not, tonight is THE night.


Work in Progress


  1. Eva

    A wonderful Samhain to you and your lovely companions, too!

    Driver’s license? Useful. But ghastly.
    It may be a good thing that you’ve already sat the test (congrats!); who knows, The Night might undo all the “formatting” and you could find yourself totally liberated from those odd mental patterns :)) !

    1. Kundry

      Thank you, Eva! Yes, I think the formatting wears off after a while, so there’s hope! I’m doing much better now ;-).

  2. Captain Wolf

    Joyeux Halloween !!!
    Adorables ces créatures qui prennent un verre ensemble. Cele du milieu me fascine particulièrement.

    1. Kundry

      Merci Captain Wolf! Celle du milieu me rappelle un peu le raton laveur que j’adore. Je ne lui ai pas encore arrangé ses antennes ou cornes, cette peinture est encore loin d’être terminée. Mais je vais pouvoir la continuer lorsque je serai en France (un peu à Paris mais surtout dans le Finistère).

  3. Captain Wolf

    Oh tu seras pas loin de chez moi. Profites bien de ton séjour.

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