I felted a Snowman for my little Yule altar. I had fun. Until I started knitting a little scarf. You would think a scarf that small shouldn’t be a problem, but think twice. It took me 4 hours. This is to punish me for my aversion to knitting ;-). In the end, the scarf became… a collar. I heard it’s the fashion among snowmen this year. I’m so eager to start weaving, I believe it will definitely be “my thing”.




Meanwhile, it’s dark and it’s raining almost constantly. Of course, we go for walks, but I don’t even take my camera, it’s just too dark. It’s a very special atmosphere though. Very mysterious and otherworldly.
This is also where Lucy likes to lay down, partly on my legs, when I paint. There, she can spend hours just adoring me. I love her sweet presence, her dark sparkling eyes, her little graceful neck and her big punk ears. We have many nicknames for her. I often call her “my louloute”. My soulmate is most inventive, he calls her Poots, Pootie, Patooti, and it all started with “potato”.



  1. Captain Wolf

    Le bonhomme de neige est adorable. Et Lucy aussi.
    Ses surnoms sont trop mignons. Salem se fait appeler ” bébé phoque ” ici XD

    1. Kundry

      Merci Captain Wolf!Tu as plusieurs chats?

  2. Captain Wolf

    Oui deux. Salem et Lancelot. Noire et blanc.

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