Yule Cult

I’m a fan of Christmas decoration, I’m so addicted that almost everything I buy for Christmas stays up all year round. Until now, I had an optic fiber tree but alas, it stopped working and now is not a good time to buy another one. I looked longingly at the ceramic Julenisser on the shop shelves, the Scandinavian pixie of Christmas (it is he who brings presents) and sighed. Until I thought… hold on a minute, I have clay, I have a kiln, why not make my own Christmas decorations? So here is my first Julenisse:



And he’s of course a lantern. I made another lantern in the spirit of Yule :




She’s an Hearth Goddess, protector of the Home and she’s also a builder, her name is Melusine. She will be holding in her hands a sun and some stars.
Now, I just have to let them dry, and fire them. Then I’ll paint them with glazes. I hope I’ll find the right way of doing it, I’ve been so disappointed by glazes. But I’m being unfair.
The weather has been cold and rough and although it’s a comfortable 21 degrees in the house, a certain little princess needs extra cosiness. So, I found a new trick: a hot water bottle under a quilt, and here she is, totally blissful:



  1. Captain Wolf

    J’adore ce que tu as fait. C’est tellement beau et féerique.
    Noël est ma période préférée, que j’attend toujours avec impatience.
    Sauf cette année où j’arrive pas à rentrer dans l’ambiance. J’ai pas du tout l’esprit à ça, étant trop déprimée. Ce qui me dérpime encore plus:(

    1. Kundry

      Oh mince! J’espère que tes soucis ne sont pas trop graves. Si tu veux en parler, tu as mon adresse. Je sais que les soucis ont l’art de tout contaminer, mais il ne faut pas les laisser faire. Quitte à poster un dragon à l’entrée du sanctuaire ;-).

  2. Captain Wolf

    J’ai plein de petits Krokmou qui veillent. Merci de ton soutien.

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