Autumn Extravaganza

I went to listen to the song of the aspen leaves in the wind.

I finished the fresco for my altar, it took one month and a half and as it’s part of a diorama, most of it is hidden, but I know what’s behind the houses. A whole world. The houses aren’t totally finished but I’m having a break. I’ve been missing digital painting so I’m going back to it for a while. 

Les Vacances à la Plage

It was 14 degres yesterday. We went to the summer beach on a first of October. It felt weird but highly enjoyable. The girls love the beach.

I finished weaving a cushion cover and was just about taking a picture when suddenly, out of nowhere, miss Lucy climbed on the chair to inquire about the freshly woven fabric. She approved. The girls really like my weaving (pure wool and some alpaca)

Only Trolls and Witches Live Here

Autumn never lasts long enough. I am thrilled by all these beautiful colours.

I went for a walk on the “Wuthering Heights”, the wind was warm and the girls and I really enjoy it. Only trolls and witches live there.