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Blessed be The Little Friends with a big heart Along the way

Home is where the Heart is

Nothing is cosier than a fresh soft layer of snow

The Gates of the Otherworld are always opened

A Green Home for the Soul

Exotic Delights

Soul Sisters and other sorceresses

Soul Brothers and other Sorcerers

The Beautiful Longing

The Cat

Cats know exactly what they want, whether it’s food, the most comfortable place to dream away an afternoon, or love.  They won’t just settle for whoever gives them the most attention, or who wants their attention the most.  They will only bestow their trust upon those whom they deem worthy, on those who allow them to be themselves. Save Save

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The Fox

The Nine-Tailed Fox is wise in the working of wonders, and will use all his gifts to charm you into creating a better life.  He will never exhaust his spells and enchantments in helping you to overcome the innate frustrations of life.  In fact, his deep cunning overcomes them all.  A brush of his nine tails changes the perspective on any situation, revealing magic and a tremendous potential for improvement where, only an instant before, there seemed nothing but lack and adversity. Save

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The dream that is too fragile to be incarnated, the passion that is too intense to find expression, the mystery that runs too deep to be fathomed…  In trying to attain the unattainable, unexpected treasures can be unearthed, just as a crushed heart can be touched by grace.  And the Bluebird will love you for it, for it is the passion and the longing and the mystery that fuel his song, that animate and dignify him.  Guardian of our deepest dreams, he is the glamorous little king of Nature’s ravishing garden.  (All the faeries have a crush on him, you know.)  He sings of profound ecstasy, of exquisite yearning.  His is the

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Medusa undulates languidly in a sensual and hypnotic dance to the swaying music of the ocean, welcoming the sea-sifted sunlight into its transparent heart.  It has danced to the rhythm of the currents since the beginning of Life, and has never tired of this deep music.  It always feels exquisite.

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This teardrop brims with love, a love, along with all that we were given, that transcends loss and regret .  Love is the final word and is always heard and felt by the loved one.  Once together, always together Save

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A fascinating world surrounds us, the fine filigree and intricacy of which we cannot see with the ordinary eye – the eye that has “seen it all”.  But look again.  Look deeper.  The Magnifying Glass will help you discover the detail, overlooked but important, that might just explain the whole story.  Or unravel it… Save Save

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In order to kindle a new beginning, it is necessary to extinguish what is no longer relevant.  Bad habits tend to re-ignite at every opportunity, and it is very easy for one’s vigilance to lapse.  A good and proper bonfire will work as a “No” only if you can say “Yes” with your whole heart to new ways of being. Save Save

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Nature is an infinite symphony, the interweaving of countless melodies, the superposition of numberless rhythms, tones and timbres.  But not a single note is ever out of place, because the composers and performers of Nature’s Orchestra are the Devas.  They are the Masters of the Secret Harmony.  Their language is one of vibrations, balancing all possible combinations in the most imaginative way.  Everything they do arises from their intuition.  And if you are suffering the discord provoked by over-thinking, tuning in to your own intuition is the perfect way to restore harmony.   Save Save

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