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Blessed be The Little Friends with a big heart Along the way

Home is where the Heart is

Nothing is cosier than a fresh soft layer of snow

The Gates of the Otherworld are always opened

A Green Home for the Soul

Exotic Delights

Soul Sisters and other sorceresses

Soul Brothers and other Sorcerers

The Beautiful Longing

Garden of Delights

Traduction Française ici Green and turquoise aren’t colors I’ve been using a lot until now. I really enjoyed working with these cool colors and spent a wonderful time bathing in the waterfall, listening to the faerie music, getting to know these serene people enjoying the garden of delights. And they are all wise in their own particuliar way. I will certainly go back to this garden, so much to explore still.

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Dahud and the Morgan

Traduction Française ici Dahud is a very, very old friend of mine, she still lives in her submerged city of Ys off the coast of Brittany. The legend said she caused the flood to take the city down to the bottom of the sea, but I believe that, being a goddess of the Sea, she took her beloved city with her, back into her realm. You see, people were not yet ready for her.  And the new Christian religion didn’t help the matter. But as the song goes, Ys will rise again when Paris (Par-Ys) will sink.  The legend also says that Dahud was everything that Christianity abhors – she liked sex,

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Some stationery I’ve been working on lately. It will be available to download in my soon to be opened Etsy shop.

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The Bewitched Sorceress

[peekaboo_link name=”bar”]Traduction ici [/peekaboo_link] [peekaboo_content name=”bar”]Bien, cette dernière peinture a été une longue aventure qui m’a menée sur des chemins inconnus, mais j’ai beaucoup aimé l’expérience. Grace à la mosaïque, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir dire tout ce que j’avais à dire sur cette ensorceleuse ensorcelée. Je crois que c’est une chouette manière de raconter une histoire, en la fragmentant. Je vais sans doute adopter ce procédé. [/peekaboo_content] Well, this last painting has been one long adventure and led me on some unknown path but I liked it. Thanks to the mosaic, I got the chance to say everything I wanted to say on the subject of the bewitched sorceress. I think

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Green Man

The Green Man. With a bunch of goblins, because that’s the kind of people he hangs out with when frost’s coming. Winter’s here but don’t worry, Green Man is taken care of.

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