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Blessed be The Little Friends with a big heart Along the way

Home is where the Heart is

Nothing is cosier than a fresh soft layer of snow

The Gates of the Otherworld are always opened

A Green Home for the Soul

Exotic Delights

Soul Sisters and other sorceresses

Soul Brothers and other Sorcerers

The Beautiful Longing

The Rainbow

An elephant wearing pink, or a rose that favours grey will never bring a frown to the Rainbow.  In fact, it encourages the expression of one’s Truth, without regard for norms.  Rainbow says that there’s a colour for every moment and, if chosen judiciously, colours can heal even the most persistent affliction. Save Save

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The Sun

The Sun pours forth all Her bounties as She crosses the sky.  She does not tally the blessings She gives in her serene and nonchalant way.  She is strong, rich and delightful.  The resources She showers upon us will never be depleted. Save Save

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The Moon

Just when you thought you were all alone in the dark, the Moon emerges from behind a cloud. From one lonely soul to another. The Moon is beautiful but she also has feelings, and no one is too small or too big to be counted as a friend. Save Save

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The Lightning

The lightning illuminates the situation in an instant.  In that singular moment, all becomes clear, the rush of energy is your gift to channel.  But in return, you must make a decision: make the change you thought about long ago, and with the blessing of the lightning, reach the turning point so that the story can go on. Save Save Save

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The treasures of Life took refuge under the ice, awaiting the soft rays of the sun.  When surrounded by harshness and indifference, be the shielding ice, that reflects, protects and cannot be gripped.  Bloom like a frost flower beneath the roof of ice, letting in light while freezing out unwanted influences. Save Save Save

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A devouring beast which can be the most heartwarming ally if you dance with it and don’t try to smother it for the sake of others. Balance is the key, the right kind of fire will take care of your life force without endangering it. Let the Sacred Fire consume all that is worthless and thank this beautiful glowing beast for its gifts of exuberance and pure joy.   Save Save Save Save

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If you go deep, deep enough, you’ll find your true self, the sparkle that irradiates infinite, unconditional well-being. This is the Inner Sun, the soft warm light that makes fecund the intimate darkness that surrounds it, a tomb and a womb to nurture growth. You need to find the right soil for your Inner Garden, for not all soils are equal.   Save Save Save Save

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Air is emptiness and yet it can uproot trees. When the wind shapes clouds into phantasmagorical creatures, air becomes a storyteller. To let your imagination run wild, you need to let yourself go, become adrift, unanchored, free. Follow the extraordinary paths of air, its subtle movements, its atmospheric interweavings. Be its listener, for its language is the otherworldly language of Soul Save Save Save

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