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I am a French self-taught artist, and these past twenty years I have made Norway my home. Moving to the Lofoten islands was the greatest present I ever made to myself and the Arctic landscapes are indeed a true treat for any artist’s eyes. I live with my British soulmate, my sweet Papillon girls, Lucy and Pixie and the spirit of my border collie, Loki. My creativity is a tribute to the eyes that blink in the heart of every smallest thing, the flowing dreams whose pulse tries to reach to us in our most meditative state.

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A Bewitching Broomstick

Tada! My first broomstick! About time! It was a delight working on the composition, preparing all the little parts (beads, wooden cut-outs, paper leaves, woven ribbons) and of course making the body itself. The making was magical (of course). Some people have different broomsticks for many different occasions, but I am limited by the lack of space, so this one will

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A Pixie Home

It took four days, ten hours a day, to glaze lantern, brooches and beads. It is extremely time-consuming but at least, I’m learning a lot about the glazes I use. Inside the lantern, there is a Pixie and lots of books for him to read. Details about the glazes I used. Fired at 1190 C, 12 hours:

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Autumn Extravaganza

I went to listen to the song of the aspen leaves in the wind. I finished the fresco for my altar, it took one month and a half and as it’s part of a diorama, most of it is hidden, but I know what’s behind the houses. A whole world. The houses aren’t totally finished but I’m having a break.

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Les Vacances à la Plage

It was 14 degres yesterday. We went to the summer beach on a first of October. It felt weird but highly enjoyable. The girls love the beach. I finished weaving a cushion cover and was just about taking a picture when suddenly, out of nowhere, miss Lucy climbed on the chair to inquire about the freshly woven fabric. She approved.

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The little bits of my paintings I love the most:

A Totally Random Post Popping Out Of Nowhere:

  • Johanna Basford and twisted felting needles
    IMG_0309 This little chap says "hello!". Just started another goblin and I tried for the very first time the spiral/twisted needle. Oh my... very efficient, I love it! This is going to be my needle of choice, no doubt about that. It gets firm very quickly and the needle leaves no poke mark. When it comes to felting supplies, Heidi Feathers is my favourite supplier. She also has some lovely starter kits. Heidi Feathers It feels so good, felting again. It's a nice break from having to study the theory book for the driving license.           I came across some wonderful coloring books the other day. Have you ever heard of Johanna Basford? I think her designs are totally original and exquisite: Johanna Basford2 Johanna Basford3 Johanna Basford1 Some of her fans send her  pictures of their colored books, I think it's a great gift for people who aren't too self confident about drawing yet but would like to explore more the possibilities of colours. I insert here some of the results but you can see more on Johanna Basford's website ( Johanna Basford ): Johanna Basford4 Johanna Basford5 Johanna Basford6 Johanna Basford8 I wish you a nice creative time, whichever form it takes! Lucy by the stream: IMG_0307 IMG_0308  

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