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The dioramas are either made of wood painted with water soluble oil or paper painted with watercolours.

The Rekindling of the Flame

2019 has been a struggle with digital painting and it seems to get worse and worse. I must accept the fact that I am not having any fun any longer. Any fun at all. My Soul craves something else. Something wild, magical and full of suprises. But also, kind of risky. A friend of mine this year is planning on working with paper, cutouts and collage. This is something I tried before and I liked it very much but I always prefered digital painting, it gave me more control. While researching images for my friend, I came accross a few lovely paper cutouts and it kind of rekindled the old flame. I

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Ladies and gentlemen, and others, let me introduce to you my favourite tools: . The two on the left are called colour shaper tools and I use them mostly for scraping the paint and blending the colours in some areas. But for blending, I use mostly the flat brush on the right. I made a bad quality video of the doodling method with the “scraper”. First, I lay my colours down and then I shade them into each other with a brush in circular motion. I use Cobra oil paints which are diluted with water. They are FANTASTIC. A layer takes two days to dry (but a shorter time above a heat

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I need to secure them properly so they don’t fall over. There’ ll be many of them (mushrooms too, but felted or made of ceramic). Save Save

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The dragon got himself a couple of trees, how cool is that? More photos coming. Save

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A Mystical Garden

The first of the painted trees which will go on my altar is finished. There will be many trees and many ornaments for my altar but I will change them according to the seasons of my soul. I love composing these little garden mandala  This one is a true alchemical tree: Save

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Back to oil painting for a while. I have four trees to paint for my altar. I renew the paints on this palette very very seldom, it takes ages to dry because in between each use, I place it in my freezer. My tubes will last me … years! This is my workbench. I paint on my lap: It is actually manageable. And out of reach from the dogs. I also have a small stand on the side for blending my colors. Save

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